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“KALO & ASSOCIATES would like to inform the business partners and any other interested parties that today Tirana First Instance Administrative Court affirmed the legal right of local inhabitants and NGOs to bring a lawsuit challenging the decisions of public authorities having a negative impact on the environment. Our firm has undertaken commitments as one of the 5 founding members of Albanian CSR Network (VODAFONE, TITAN, INTRACOM and BKT being the other 4 founders) therefore we accepted the engagement as legal counsel by the environmental NGO (TOKA) and the local inhabitants, to put best professional efforts and adopt the necessary legal remedies to stop the construction of two hydropower plants in the Albanian National Park of Valbona Valley (an area protected by law due to its biodiversity). Two partners, Jola Gjuzi and Aigest Milo, are combining their respective industry and litigation knowledge and experience in the process, the positive outcome of which would benefit the promotion by the Albanian State of our country as an environmentally friendly and tourist attraction.”