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Recent amendments to Law no.9072, dated 22.5.2003 “On Power Sector” (as amended) concerning renewable sources of energy have been introduced by Law no.10196, dated 10.12.2009 published on the Official Gazette no.184 – 30.12.2009.

Such amendments include the widening of the range of energy generators obliged to use renewable resources and the increase of the minimum percentage of energy required to be generated using such sources. These amendments also provide the two long awaited and until now missing definitions for (i) “Green Certificates” or “CGJ” and (ii) “Origin Guarantee Certificate” or “GO”, which shall prove to be essential as the energy trading market begins to pick up pace. With these amendments the Albanian Power Sector Law serves to be more modern and efficient addressing a variety of necessary issues at the same time such as environment protection, economic efficiency and, last but not least, attracting foreign investors.

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