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On 7th of February 2018, under the organization of the Italian Embassy in Albania and the Italian Chamber of Commerce, was held at Tirana International Hotel, a workshop entitled: “Protection of Italian enterprises in Albania: Ideas and Remedies for Business Claim”, focusing on problems that are faced especially by the garment and footwear manufacturing sector.

The workshop intended to provide the participants with a clear picture of the legal, fiscal and customs problems faced by the enterprises in general, and especially those of the garment and footwear manufacturing sector, in a context of commercial disputes, and providing ideas and solutions to overcome these difficulties.

Among different spikers in the podium, such as Vice General Director of Taxes, Mr. Xhavit Çurri, Vice General Director of Customs, Ms. Mirela Meko, Att. Maurizo di Rocco from the Arbitration Chamber of Venice, and other local and foreign professionals, was invited also the Att. Armando Toslluku from KALO & ASSOACIATES, who, after making a summary of the legal problems faced by the garment and footwear manufacturing enterprises in Albania, informed the participants on the latest positive judicial practice followed by KALO & ASSOACIATES regarding the use of some legal remedies that allow a fast and cost effective settlement of commercial disputes, such as the procedure provided by the Law 48/2014, “On late payments of contractual and commercial liabilities”.