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We are happy to share our ranking and references that IFLR 1000 published last week.

IFLR 1000 cites clients stating:

“We found the advice of the team helpful. Their answers to specific local law queries were clear and definitive. KALO & ASSOCIATES also liaised with the other party’s counsel in Albania to resolve legal points relating to local law on security interest and were able to deliver effective solutions within the Albanian legal framework that reflected the commercially agreed positions between the parties. Overall, our team was pleased with KALO & ASSOCIATES’ work and cooperation.” – Banking

“Very good, efficient, proactive, reactive, good understanding of client needs and cost effective.”;

“Solid advice, accompanied by great attention to our needs.”; “Responsive and reliable.” – M&A


Partners Aigest Milo and Enkelejd Seitllari were very good, efficient, proactive, of good understanding of client needs and cost effective. They were very responsive and provided excellent and timely advice.